Growth of Research Productivity of the University of Mysore: A Scientometric Study

Basavaraja MT, Prashanta SC


The present study aims to identify the research productivity of University of Mysore during 1989 to 2018. The study also tried to retrieve the information regarding the total number of citations, h-index, average citation per article of the faculty members of University of Mysore using Web of Science. In order to get the research output of the university, the search terms ‘University of Mysore’ is entered in the search box of the “Web of Science”. The result of the study shows that 4838 records of the University of Mysore have been included in the Web of Science database, out of which, majority 91.28% of the records are research articles. The study identified that among the faculty members of University of Mysore, Rangappa has received highest number of citations (4027), followed by Yathirajan has received 2425 citations. In this context, the study recommends that the faculty members of the both universities need to publish their research articles in peer reviewed journals with high Impact Factor. 


Research Productivity, Web of Science, University of Mysore

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