Open Source Integrated Library Management Software KOHA: Overview & Features

Yogesh Sharma, Dr. Alka Sharma, Manju Sharma


In this era of transition from information age to knowledge society, the libraries have much greater challenges to face. The whole insight of library has now changed from collection of books to a single window knowledge bank. This paper discusses the definition, overview and features of open source library management software KOHA. Open source library management software is a solution to reducing that cost. The paper describes in brief about the feature of open source library management software KOHA which are useful for developing digital library and institutional repositories.   A properly computerized library will help its user with quick services. Library automation refers to mechanization of library housekeeping operations predominantly by computerization. Implement automated system using koha library integrated open source software to carry out the functions of the circulation section more effectively to provide various search option to know the availability of books in the library and generate the list of books due by the particular member and also overdue charges. Koha is an integrated software system with required models for small to very large libraries. Being an open source any library wanted to go for automation for their library housekeeping operations can make use of this software.


Open source software, Koha, Library Automation, Library management, Repositories

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