Scientometrics Analysis of Quantum Computing Literature During 2011-2017

Vinay Kumar, Santhosh Kumar KT, Biradar BS


This study analyses the research output in Quantum Computing, which the trend in the development of quantum computers which are promising than classical computers. The data for this study was downloaded from Web of Science (WoS) database for the period 2011-2017. A total of 10,551 records were yielded for the period of seven years. The growth of literature, the degree of collaboration, prolific authors, journal distribution, were discussed in this study. The average degree of collaboration was 0.875. Peter A. John was the most prolific author with 46 publications to his credit whereas, Muthu S secured the second position. A total of 1235 journals were preferred by the authors to publish their research results on Quantum Computing in which Physical Review B occupied the first position with 610 records in its collection.


Scientometrics, Degree of Collaboration, Authorship Pattern, Quantum Computing, Bradford Law of Scattering

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