Electronic Information Resources Accessibility and Utilisation in Academic Libraries: Lautech College of Health Sciences, Osogbo, Osun State

YO Oladapo, OI Ajala, MO Adeoye


The study focuses on the accessibility and the utilization of electronic/online information resources and library facilities among the users of LAUTECH Medical Library at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, College of Health Science, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. A mixed method approach was used to provide complementary insights to the findings of the study.  The survey research method was adopted for the study. The sample size of four hundred and fifty questionnaire (450) were distributed to users who access and utilize the electronic information resources in the library during the period of investigation. Questionnaires and observation were used to gather information. A total of four hundred and twenty eight (428) questionnaire were returned and used for this study. Mean scores were used for the analyses. A mean score of 2.55 to 4,00 shows agreement while a mean score of 1.00 to 2.54 shows disagreement for the staff (lectures and non teaching staff). For the students a mean score of 1.00 to 3.90 shows disagreement while above 3.90 shows agreement. For all the respondents, the mean score of 74.66 and above indicates agreement.The data collected were analyzed and appropriately assigned based on the findings obtained; using simple percentages and results were presented in tables. The study revealed that the level of accessibility and utilization among students and teaching staff is abysmally low. Key findings from the study were supportive of the importance of utilization of health   information resources as being central to the development of professional competence of the medical students which can be achieved through re-structuring the teaching methods and curricula of the Nigerian Medical Schools. The study asserted the availability and adequacy of e-information resources (human & materials) against of minimum benchmarks for quality.   


Electronic information, e-resources, accessibility, utilization, e –learning, online database, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

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