A Study of the Collection Storage and Housing at Law College Libraries in Karnataka

Ambika cs, Dr. Khaiser Jahan Begum


This study discusses the importance of collection development in libraries. Various factors have to be taken into consideration while developing a qualitative collection for the benefit of the law college library users affiliated to Hubli Law University. These factors include handling, collection storage, techniques and procedures, problems associated with collection development and weeding out as well.  Questionnaire method is used for data collection.  The present study is focused to understand the collection storage and housing aspects at law college libraries in Karnataka. The study is limited to all the law colleges affiliated to Karnataka State Law University, Hubli.  It is important to evaluate the collections to assess its use and moreover the usefulness of collection development in electronic environment. Authors conclude that, library professionals need to take utmost care in developing a balanced collection, which enhances the quality of the library. 


Collection Development: Law College Libraries, Collection Storage, Library Collection

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