Innovation in Practice for Maximum Utilization of Library Resources

Tejas H Shah


 Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, while addressing young CEOs and startups at Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra about innovation, “Innovation is life. When there is no innovation, there is stagnation”. Innovation is acceptable everywhere if it is in a positive way. Innovation plays a crucial role in library development. It gives the user satisfaction as well as satisfaction to library professionals. Whenever innovation is being applied in the library, the ratio of utilization of library resources is increased. As per my knowledge, if we applied such ICT-enabled tools and techniques in a smart way and in a cost-effective way, we can definitely increase the usage of library. Ultimately, every institution wants the RoI (Return on Investment) in terms of money and proper utilization, whether it is government, semi-government or non-government. Such kind of ICT applications must be applied innovatively, which can reduce the cost and increase the accuracy and speed of routine library work. Normally, we discuss and write about such activities rather than put them in real practice. I have tried to make in practice such ideas with the use of ICT through which our library users can get variety of resources in more convenient and different ways. If we have to survive, if library has to survive, and if resources have to survive, we must use ICT applications and apply innovative ideas to stay alive in the current trends of computerization, digitization, and “innovatization”. 


Innovation, ICT, Cost effective

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