Addressing Conflict-induced Internal Displacement in Nigeria: The Religious Option



This work sought to evaluate internal displacement caused by conflicts in Nigeria with a view to proffering lasting religious solutions to the problem. Internal Displacement in the context of this work means the forceful movement of people from their homes due to religious or political crises, tribal wars, border clashes and insurgency. Findings showed that Nigeria’s unprecedented level of internal displacement is a result of five major factors which are flood, government development programmes, ceding of Bakassi Peninsula, Boko Haram mayhem and conflict between farmers and Fulani herdsmen. Conflicts happen to be the major factor responsible for internal displacement in the country. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher recommended religious solutions to the problem. They include; the need for synergy among government, non-governmental organizations and religious organizations in rendering assistance to the IDPs; the need for faith-based organizations to embark on programmes that will lead to peaceful resolution of conflicts in the affected areas. It is believed that if such measures are taken the problem of internal displacement in Nigeria will be properly addressed.


Conflict, Displacement,Internal Displacement, Internally Displaced Persons, Religion

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