Evaluating the Role of Christian Women Organizations in the Fight Against Human Trafficking in Nigeria

Victor Ifeanyi Ede, Ozioma Faith Chiaghanam, Dominic Zuoke Kalu


The Nigerian nation is faced with a lot of social, political, economic and religious problems. One of the social problems facing the country today is human trafficking. This paper examined the trend in human trafficking in Nigeria and the role of Christian Women Organizations in general and the Women Religious of the Catholic Church in particular, in combating the ugly trend. The paper insists that the fight against human trafficking in Nigeria cannot be effective if religious bodies are not involved. The paper identified wide spread poverty, unemployment, ignorance, porous borders and quest for quick wealth as the major causes of human trafficking in Nigeria. In order to effectively combat human trafficking, the paper recommends among others; the need for a symbiotic relationship between the government and faith-based organizations and the need to take the campaign against human trafficking to the rural areas. The fight against human trafficking needs the supports of all and sundry.


Christian, Human Trafficking, Nigeria, Trafficked Persons, Women Religious

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