Drawing as Significant Visual Language through the Ages: Primitive to Contemporary Period

Ekta Kulshreshtha


Present paper is an attempt to provide the information about the gradual transformation of drawing from the early period to present day. Drawing is a basic tool for the visual depiction of various forms deals with articulating and developing one’s extraordinary ideas. An essential feature of the development of art in India that can now be recognized is the persistence of rock paintings. Line is the basis of communication in Indian art. The wall paintings and miniatures of India too are rooted on the power of line. The invention of paper had also redefined the concept of drawing. In pre independence period focus on lyricism through delicacy of line in semi abstract or geometric form. After independence there are conceptual drawing evoke social milieu, fantasy in postmodern framework. Contemporary artists choose to highlight the idea rather and execution which shows eclecticism. These artists interweave the rhythm of life with meaningful forms through memory and experience and also widened Intellectual incisiveness and consciousness.


Drawing, Visual language, Line, Cotemporary

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