A Study on the Current Trend of Unemployment in India: Educated Unemployment

Ciciel Dewan, Praveen S. Kambar


Job deficient growth is one of the major challenges the country India is facing. Rising unemployment rate creates many super structural problems for India. Its intense nature and drastic consequences has become a serious problem in recent years. At the same time the problem is very extensive; it has attracted wide attention and discussions in the country. Unemployment has many faces but the dimension that has ruptured the economic growth of India is the problem of educated unemployment where educated youth on mass-scale are finding it hard to get a job or work. The number of unemployment, especially among educated persons began to increase with alarming rapidity. Today, our country is facing mass-unemployment among the educated youth. Many educated people are knocking at the gates of offices just for the posts of Groups C and D and get disappointed by their job profile. Numerous cases of suicide among the unemployed young men have been a phenomenon of our time. The present paper tries to find out current scenario and the major reasons for growth of educated unemployment in India. The paper also provides solutions and measures to be taken in order to eradicate unemployment in India.


Capitalist, Geometric, Arithmetic, Underemployment, Automation, Mechanization, Privatization and Commodification

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