Addressing the Plights of the Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria: A Christian Response

Victor Ifeanyi Ede


Nigeria has witnessed relative deterioration of its internal security in recent times. This has led to the displacement of millions of Nigerians especially in the Northern part of the country. This paper examined noticeable activities of churches and Christian Organizations aimed at ameliorating the plights of the Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria. The researcher carried out field work in three selected IDPs camps in Nigeria. The camps are New Kuchingoro camp, Durumi Area One camp both in Abuja, and Ugbokpo camp in Apa Local Government Area of Benue State. Findings show that the major problems confronting displaced Nigerians are lack of food, problem of shelter, poor health care, poor access to education, and lack of access to clean water supply. Churches and other Christian Organizations have been in the forefront of rendering humanitarian assistance to the Internally Displaced Persons in the country. They have provided food aids, shelter and non-food items, medical services, educational scholarships, as well as psychological assistance through counselling and prayers. The author recommends among others the need for synergy among churches and church organizations in rendering humanitarian assistance to the displaced persons.


Christian Response, Internally Displaced Persons, Nigeria, Plights

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