On Translation Teaching of Cosmetic Brand Names from the Perspective of Functional Theory

Jiao Dan, Yang Chunyu


With the rapid development of economic globalization, more and more foreign cosmetics come into the Chinese market and successfully attract Chinese consumer’s eyes. At the same time,companies are beginning to realize the importance of the brand names translation. In order to meet this demand, some universities have set up the relevant translation course. This paper mainly discusses the cosmetic brand names translation teaching from the perspective of functional theory, and it can be divided into five parts. The first part discusses the subject and purpose of the paper. The second part mainly introduces the related concepts and the development of functional theory. The third part speaks of the main features of the cosmetic brand names. The fourth part explains how to apply functional theory to the cosmetic brand names translation teaching, and introduces several strategies. And the final part is the conclusion. Brand names have its unique characteristics,and brand name translation teaching is the same. Through the study, this paper aims at providing suggestions on the cosmetic brand names translation teaching, thereby promoting the domestic cosmetics to go out.


Cosmetic Brand Names (CBNs), Functional theory, Teaching, Translation

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