Urban Local Body Elections in Port Blair: Social Engineering among city Voters

Swapan K. Biswas


Port Blair  city, the capital of Union Terrirtory  of Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a set of multi-lingual, multi – ethnic and multi- culture center. Time and again it has been extended its boundary, number of population and its  political character that we ever seen any city in India. To study the electoral behavior of its voters is really interesting and significant .Since its inception in 1958,  every five years of interval, the election to small city has been conducting without interruption is well establish fact . The last  Municipal Council’s elections was held on 20.09.2015  to elect 24 wards councilors along with three tier Panchayat institutions. The voters of the city have witnessed  many changes in  elections  2010 and 2015. In many respect, the 2015 elections  of Port Blair city  has significantly different from its previous 2010 elections. The study area of the paper is to high light the changing behavour of voters , who are divided in the line of language, regional identity, but not like caste and community. 


Social engineering, Multi –ethnic voice, demographic equation, delimitation process

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