Monkeys & Apes at the Adorned Gates, Let them pass over, the Society Awaits

Priyavrat Thareja, Mannu Thareja


It is indeed vital to re-clarify the evolution of mankind, with two purposes. One, it affirms man is a luckier superior, and two: To maintain this lead, we should continue to throw out the weeds. This work is a natural outcome of this feeling of superiority, interfaced with the quality requirements to a manly conduct.

Without trying to define the do’s this work evaluates if the don’ts are still supported, and a lower hierarchical state of evolution is nursed, will the society sustain? If the traits of apes need be reminded, then one sure is sorry. This work is this a differentiation in the two scenarios of man and monkey, and pursues through discussion the need to maintain human dignity, while proffering a conduct rich with quality, and spirituality. The implementation must pass through be holean to prescribe and conform to AUM, as an acronym of Alignment, Utilisation and Metamorphosis.


holean (Holy, holistic and Lean), AUM, three monkeys

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