The Impact of Sugar-Based Beverages on Hydration Status in Various Work Conditions: A Systematic Review

Ridhima Bhalla, Medha Gupta


Body water is essential to sustain the cardiovascular system, thermoregulatory system and support cellular homeostasis. According to the Indian Dietary Guidelines, ~8 glasses (2000 ml) of water per day is adequate to maintain hydration in healthy individuals. However, this theory is subjected to a broad range of interpretation by different individuals. Plain water is often assumed as the only source that fulfils daily fluid requirements, the contribution of other beverages like coffee, tea, milk and sugar- based drinks towards fluid balance is often suspended. In recent years, an increase in the intake of sugar –based beverages have been recorded worldwide. Similarly, given the potentially large consumption of sugar-based beverages in India, it is important to understand their impact on everyday hydration. It remains unclear whether the intake of sugar-based beverages contributes to hydration or merely causes health concerns. This is the first Indian review to study the impact of sugar-based beverage consumption on hydration status of individuals. In this systematic review, characteristics of 16 studies were considered which include 12 Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs), 1 Clinical Controlled Trial (CCT) and 3 Experimental Studies (ES). Our main findings suggest: (1) A positive correlation between the consumption of sugar-based drinks and maintenance of fluid balance and hydration, (2) Additional energy and performance related benefits of sugar-based drinks during dehydration conditions, and (3) Up to 6% concentration of sugar in beverages improves water absorption rates in intestines. 


Sugar, Carbohydrate, Hydration, Fluid balance, Dehydration, Beverages

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