Supplements Useful and Harmful-A Comparative Study on Adults and Elderly

Jyoti ., Pragya Singhal


Dietary supplement are very useful in present time. Many people use dietary supplements in the world, dietary supplement is preferred by all age group of people. Mainly Adult used dietary supplements to stay healthy and fit, to fulfill the requirements of the unavailable nutrients and elderly used dietary supplements to cure disease. The study was conducted on group consisted of 100 person 50 adult and 50 elderly in the age between 20 to 100 years. The aim of the study was to see the role of dietary supplements in present scenario. In present time life is so busy so people do not care of their food.

Thus the food pattern has been changed also. People prefer fast food.

By which they do not focus on healthy food and the nutrients deficiencies precipitate. To complete the deficiency of nutrients people use dietary supplements. Thus adult use dietary supplements to stay healthy and elderly use dietary supplements to cure the deficiency of nutrients while they suffer from diseases.


Dietary supplements, Probiotics, Antioxidents, Health, Life style.

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