Problem-Based Instructional Development Model At Senior High School In Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Meike Paat, Eva Altje Marentek, Noldy Pelenkahu


This study aims to develop Biology subject matter problem-based instructional development model at both senior high schools. It is a qualitative research and development with four stages. They are needs assessment, model designing, model development, and model implementation. The research result showed that the instructional development model had never been implemented, so that the revision result towards the instructional model had must be done in several time. The Biology subject matter expert, model designing expert, and media expert stated that it was proper to be implemented. According to one-to-one and small group evaluation, it was very good model. And based on the prime field trials, self-reflection, expert review, and effectiveness testing, it was concluded effective to improve the student achievement, output and outcome of learning Biology. The end product of this study was categorized very good and it was very proper to use as the instructional model which can make the student interested, enjoying, and it did not make boring to students to learn Biology. The products were consisted of Biology subject matter instructional materials, teacher guide book, and student work sheet book. 


Biology subject matter, Problem-based instructional development model

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