Globalization, Peace and Harmony Education

Surendra Pathak


The flow of technology, economy, knowledge, people, values, ideas in a globalised world affects history, traditions, culture, value system and education of the each nation.  To meet the real objectives of globalization, school & higher education has to re-orient its aims, mission & vision, their educational curriculum and subject content, structure & function of teaching toward the peace and harmony. This re-structuring process may term as humanization, internationalization, universalisation and globalization of education for peace and Harmony. In this paper I will try to formulate the possibility of to explore the philosophy of peace and harmony education.

World peace is based on the solid foundation of co-existential harmony. It is important that process of globalization and the reorientation of education come together to accomplish a common goal for harmonious and peaceful civilization. This can be achieved if we gain a better understanding of the reality of the existential and natural order/ s, and the interrelationship between the various systems of ecological, environmental as well as social, economic and legal. The philosophy of peace & harmony education is fundamentally a theoretical exercise, although it may yet serve as an exercise in applied philosophy. A formal philosophy of peace & harmony education can assist to undergird individual, institutional, societal and governmental commitment to peace and harmony education, in all levels of education.

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