Education and Need for Inculcation of Values

Sangeeta Verma


The ‘Children of today will be the Citizens of Tomorrow’ so, the need of the hour is to inculcate the values and ethics in the younger generation and therefore it is imperative to have value education in the education system. Value education is necessary for the foundation or character and for the moral development of an individual. It is required to inculcate in children humanity, truthfulness, tolerance, sincerity, obedience, courtesy, sympathy, fellow feeling, affection, ’spirit of service and sacrifice. For the development of such virtues in a child would ultimately lead to the development of a man with a noble character. The man who has a broader attitude towards life, one who can face problems boldly, one who can shed old beliefs and live life with dignity. In today’s world where there is an accelerated rate of crimes such as rapes, suicides and murders, it is the demand or the time to have individuals with a strong moral character and with deep rooted values, Only such people can make right decision and can brave adverse conditions.


Education, Values, Development, Moral, Character

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