Global Peace Science: Science of Peace, Harmony & Oneness of Humanity

Subhash Chandra


We live in the midst of one of the greatest transitions in Earth’s history. Humanity, having become a planetary force, is now shaping both its own future and the long-term future of millions of species of life. Human values are eroding at very fast rate resulting in declining the quality of life of the people. At the dawn of the new millennium, what is required themost ‘Peace & Humanism’. Peace & Value education is in need of a new millennium and for creating a global non-violent sustainable world.

Global Peace Science and Spirituality plays a key role in creating awarenessabout socialtransformation and for creating peacefrom harmony in the society today.It is imperative that every human being bears the responsibility of building peace from the deep societal structure of SPHERONS’ harmony in society and every heart and every mind. We all have this common mission that we must fulfil. World peace will be achieved when every member of humanity becomes aware of this common mission-when we all join together for our common purpose i.e. ‘Peace on the Earth.’

“Global Peace Science for creating a new world order”

The paper tries to explore the highestspiritual values: Peace, Harmony, Ahimsa (Non-violence), Compassion, Respect, and Tolerance for creating world peace &global citizenship through the deep societal structure of SPHERONS’ harmony, which scientifically unfold the ‘PURITY’ Model of Human Transformation ‘for “Building A World Parliament”based on the Ancient Indian philosophy “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”: World as one Family”.


Science & Spirituality, SPHERONS, Peace values, Global Peace, Human Unity, World Parliament, Spheral Democracy, Harmonious society

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