Education for Peace and Peace Building for World Peace & Human Unity

Ashok Bala


Our modern society is driven by a culture of violence & materialism while the whole of human life is in a state of turmoil due to conflicts & violence in the society. Our world is divided disharmoniously; it is torn by social conflicts of different nations, groups of people and religious classes, so it is unsustainable. Human peace & spiritual values are decreasing at very fast rate resulting in division of humanity.

The crisis humanity faces today is a crisis of Peace & social harmony and this can only be resolved by universal Peace Values & Peace Education. Women are the born peace makers in the families & society. Peace Education can initiate social changes and hence social development, by bringing about a change in attitude of the individual. It can bring about a change in the pattern of social relationships and thereby it can cause holistic human development.

Peace Education & Women plays an important role in creating awareness for building peace & promoting culture of peace & harmony in the Society and the nation.

The main objective of my Paper on “Education for Peace and Peace Building for World Peace & Human Unity” is creating a social awareness for ‘culture of Peace & harmony through Peace Education.

The paper tries to explain the concept of Peaceful living together through peace values & peace education for creating a peaceful society & a better world. The paper tries to explore the role of women for peace building in 21sr century.

My presentation on “Education for Peace and Peace Building for World Peace & Human Unity” Is based on universal Peace & Spiritual Values in ancient wisdom - Love, Respect, Peace Non-violence & cooperation
for creating a world peace & human unity.


Peace Values, Peace Education, Women for Peace and Peace Building

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