Solution of Cubic Equations with Combination of Continued Fractions

Narinder Kumar Wadhawan, Priyanka Wadhawan


Solution of cubic and higher degree equations has always engaged attention of mathematicians from ancient times. Different approaches have been adopted to solve cubic equation; some transformed this equation to depressed form, some eliminated all the coefficients of this equation except cubic and constant term. By and large, all solutions seem tedious and require constant concentration in their derivation. With the purpose of finding a solution which is easily doable, use of combined two continued fractions has been adopted and this has given inspiring results. 


Continued Fractions, Cubic Roots, Cubic Equations, Approximation of Root, Algebraic Irrationalities, Quadratic Equations, Convergence, Periodic Continued Fractions, Combination of Continued Fractions, Lagrange Theorem and Number Theory

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