A Study on Change and Instability of Groundnut Crop in India

Polisetty Kalpana


Groundnut is the most popular oilseed crop and one of the major sources of edible oil in India. Around one-fourth of country’s total edible oil is produced from groundnut. In this paper the researcher is mainly
focused on two objectives such as change and instability of area, production, yield and seed of groundnut crop between two time periods (1985-1999 and 2000-2014) in India. The researcher has applied different statistical tools to study the nature of change, instability and degree of relationship among the groundnut crop. The statistical analysis explores that the average rate of area, production, yield and seed of groundnut is highly declined from period-I to period-II with significant change of 5%. The overall analysis gives the more instability in period-II compares to period-I.


Groundnut, Area, Production, Yield and Seed

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