Almost Unbiased Ratio Cum Product Estimator for Finite Population Mean with Known Coefficient of Skewness

Jambulingam Subramani, Master Ajith S


In sample survey, the auxiliary information is used for both selections as well as estimation stages to improve the efficiency of estimators. Several estimators like linear regression estimator,ratio estimator,product estimator and modified ratio estimators for the estimation of population means use the auxiliary information. This article deals with an almost unbiased ratio cum product estimator for the estimation of population mean of the study variable with the known coefficient of skewness of the auxiliary variable. The bias and mean squared error of proposed estimators are derived and compared with that of the existing estimators. Numerical illustrations are provided with the help of some natural populations to compare the efficiency of proposed estimator over the existing estimators.From the numerical study, the proposed estimator is almost unbiased and performs better than all other existing estimators.


Auxiliary variable, Bias, Mean squared error, Natural populations, Ratio and product estimators, Simple random sampling

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