Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Oxovanadium (V) Compound derived from some Mixed Chelating Ligand

Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Nandu Bala Sharma, Anirudh Singh


Equimolar reaction of Schiff base (LH) [where L=OC6H4CH=NC6H5, OC6H4CH=NC6H3(CH3)22,6, OC6H4CH= NC10H9 and OC10H6CH=NC6H3(CH3)22,6,] and diethanolamine (EH2) [where E=OCH2CH2N(CH3)CH2CH2O, OCH2CH2N{(CH2)3CH3}CH2CH2O and OCH2CH2N (C6H5) CH2CH2O] with VO (OPri)3 in benzene afford mixed ligand cyclic six coordinate vanadium complexes of the type [VO(L)(E)] [where L=L1=OC6H4CH=NC6H5, E=E1=OCH2CH2N(CH3) CH2CH2O1; L=L2=OC6H4CH=NC6H3(CH3)22,6, E=E1 2; L=L3= OC6H4CH= NC10H9,E=E13; L=L4= OC10H6CH=NC6H3(CH3)22,6, E=E1 4; L=L1, E=E2= OCH2CH2N{(CH2)3CH3}CH2CH2O 5; L=L2,E=E2 6; L=L3, E=E2 7; L=L4, E=E2 8; L=L1, E=E3= OCH2CH2N(C6H5) CH2CH2O 9;L=L4, E=E3 10] in which Schiff base and ethanolamine  are bonded to vanadium in  bindentate and tridentate fashion respectively through O and N donar atoms. All these derivatives (1)-(10) have been characteritists by elemental analysis, molecular weight measurement and spectroscopic [IR and NMR (1H and 51V)] studies.


Oxovanadium, Schiff Base, Diethanolamine, Mixed Chelating Ligand

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