A Review on Multi-component Synthesis of Furopyrrolone Derivatives: A New Class of Compounds

Mohammad Asif


Furopyrrolone is a heterocyclic organic compound has a bicyclic structure consisting of furan and a pyrrolone ring. It is isoelectronic with isoindolinone. Pyrrolones, pyrrolidines, pyrrolidinones are precursors to many pharmaceuticals. The new synthetic procedures leading to the synthesis of furopyrrolone derivatives. To do this, the starting compound, methyl 2-(2-methoxy-2-oxoethyl)-3-furoate, was converted to isocyanate, regioselectively. This isocyanate was converted into the corresponding urethane and/or urea derivatives by treatment with alcohol and amine. Acyl chlorides are more reactive than esters and carboxylic acids. The ester was converted to more reactive compound acyl azide that was used for cyclization to get furopyrrolones. Other method, methyl 2-formylfuran-3-carboxylate was treated with hydrazine and hydrazine salts. Then, molecular cyclization caused the formation of desired heterocycles via acyl chloride intermediate. 


Furopyrrolone, Isoindolinone, Isocyanates

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