Assessing Profitability of Rose Cultivation using Greenhouse Technique Based on Solar Heating in North India: A Review

Farkhanda Ayub


Rose, botanically distinguished as Rosa spp., originated from Europe, is a woody perennial flowering plant of the family Rosaceae. Due to its immense ornamental and commercial importance, it is known as the “king of flowers”. It is essentially developed in the open air field, however the predominance of baby’s room ascension development is supplementally consequential. Rose plants grown under greenhouse are less susceptible to adverse environmental and biological conditions (viz, insect and pathogen attack). This composition introduces the lucrativeness of greenhouse rose multiplication models and its conservative examination as far as zone under subsistence in North India. The examination utilized Revenue edge and Net Profit to analyze the profitable levels for nursery and rose generation framework . The outcomes show that the mean net benefit per meter square for rose production was an increment of 10 times higher than that of open-field rose exordium framework. The investigation in this manner, prescribes advancement of nursery raising engenderment for an enhanced smallholder’s employment.


Rosacae, Perennial, Ornamental, Lucrativeness, Subsistence, Engenderment

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