Scientific Justification for the use of SpaceSaving Technology of Irrigation in Conditions of Mountain Agriculture in Azerbaijan

Rans Aliyev ZH


The article examines the issues of studying the technology of irrigation of crops with the requirements of modernity with the use of spatial analysis of the parameters affecting the quality of products and yields from the unit of the field, where insufficiently studied problems of development of irrigated agriculture in the Republic of Azerbaijan were identified, which is caused by factors not of rational use of water resources country and not the lawful management of irrigation of agricultural production. An in-depth analysis has been made of modern technologies for irrigation of sloping lands in various countries both in the CIS and far abroad, which gave an assessment of the immediate development of progressive water-saving irrigation technology, which, given the preservation of the ecological situation in the region, would save water resources in 2.5 time to increase the yield of agricultural crops by 36-50%. Therefore, reviewing the issues of setting the irrigation rate for each plant species and optimizing the irrigation regime on a low-intensity basis for large-scale introduction of it to absorb additional soil resources for agricultural production to ensure the ever-growing needs of the population in them contributing to the solution of global food security programs in general.


Erosion, Soil-Soil, Sloping lands, Terraces, Furrows, Arid zones, Water resources

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