Use of E-Resources in Engineering and Management Institutes of Western Uttar Pradesh: A Study

Rashid Ali, Habibur Rahman Khan


Nowadays E-resources are available in almost all the academic institutions. Their proper and maximum use is an issue for discussion. The present study is an attempt to know the awareness, availability and use of various E-resources in selected Engineering and Management Institutes of Western Uttar Pradesh. A well structured questionnaire was administered among the students and faculty members to collect the necessary data. The data collected were carefully analyzed and processed. The study reveals that students and faculty members were aware of various types of E-resources i.e. E-books, E-journals, E-databases, E-references and Internet etc. They use these resourcesfor various purposes. The paper also highlights problems faced by the students and faculty members in accessing and using E-resources. Some suggestions have been given for better access and use of E-resources. 


E-resources, Accessing, Students and Faculty Members,Engineering and Management Institutes, Western Uttar Pradesh.

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