The Electronic Library, 2007-2016: A Bibliometric Study

Udita Negi


The study examines the articles published on The Electronic Library during 2007-2016 for authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, geographical distribution, and prolific author. The study also explored contribution of Indian author’s in The Electronic Library. The study found that maximum articles were published in 2009 and multi authorship trend is dominated the study period. The overall degree of collaboration was found is 0.72. The study also revealed that top ten countries authors have made 72.08% contribution and authors of rest of 56 countries have contributed 27.92% articles on The Electronic Library. The authors of India have contributed 101 articles out of 576 articles which are quite appreciative and Department of Library Science, Delhi University, India ranked first with eight articles.


Bibliometric, Library studies, The Electronic library

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